The testimonials or endorsements listed below do not reflect all of the feedback the firm has received.  Each case is unique and must be evaluated on its individual merits.  Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. 

“Brooke, thank you (and the members of your firm) for your representation in this matter.  I certainly hope I do not have to call upon you in the future but I take comfort in knowing I have professional expertise available should I need it.  Best wishes for success in your future endeavors.”

- N.C. Certified Public Accountant Client Concerning CPA Board Matter

“Dear Doug
[We] just want to thank you for all of your time and effort in [dentist’s] case.  In life, we meet people we never forget and you are one of them. You put forth your time and effort to right a wrong done by a sick, sick man and did the job well.  . . . There are no words that can describe how we feel about the justice you have brought to the victims, the patients, the staff and the dental community.”

- Witnesses/Employees in Dental Board Permanent Revocation Hearing in which Doug Brocker represented the Dental Board

“Dear Doug,
You did a tremendous job putting on a difficult case.  Further, you did it with a professionalism and grace that should give heart and comfort to all of us. Your ordering of the evidence, direct examinations, dynamic examination of Lt. [L], knowledge of the law and presentation was better than most lawyers twice your age and one of the best I’ve encountered in years.  . . . You did a wonderful job.  You are a terrific lawyer and a true professional.  It was a joy to appear with you.”

- Joseph B. Cheshire, V, opposing counsel in a State Bar disciplinary proceeding

. . . .  I was not being facetious Friday when I left and said that Judge Dupree would be very proud of you.  Judges take a proprietary interest in law clerks.  You did what I thought was an exemplary job in a most difficult situation.  I thought your questions were substantively right on target.  You prosecuted your case hard and very fairly, and I thought you exemplified the best that the law has to offer. I meant every word when I said that Judge Dupree would be very proud of you.  He really truly would be. . . . You really did a magnificent job.”

- Federal District Court Judge in North Carolina (Adverse character witness in State Bar disciplinary proceeding)

“Thank you so much! I could not have done it without your firm and your dedication.”

– Comity Applicant before the Board of Law Examiners 


“The [State] bar has turned to outside legal help . . . to hire Douglas J. Brocker, a lawyer in private practice who built a reputation as a dogged and thorough prosecutor when he worked at the State Bar. Brocker is working with Katherine Jean, the bar’s top counsel.”

- Raleigh News & Observer, June 10, 2007

“Thank you again to you and Brooke today. You both have just been outstanding to work with. I am grateful that I found your firm. The outcome today was what I was hoping for, no worse than a warning.”

- Medical professional client accused of billing fraud by licensing board

“Dear Doug,
A personal note to let you know how very much I appreciate your help in my recent concerns with The R.E. [North Carolina Real Estate] Commission.  I’m grateful for your insights and support. Thanks so much for your professionalism.”

- Real Estate Broker in Murphy, North Carolina

“Thanks for suggesting Doug Brocker.  He is awesome and you should suggest him to others!”

- From Physician client in Medical Board matters to the referring physician